The Anti-Adulting Coloring Book is HERE

Yes. It's finally here! Ready to ship!

Check it out here:

The cover! 

The cover! 

Beauty with braids

Beauty with braids

Ocean scene

Ocean scene

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The Anti-Adulting coloring book

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This book is packed with over 20 detailed and hand drawn original illustrations by me, Kierston Ghaznavi!

Enjoy hours of relaxation and coloring fun as you "anti-adult" your day away!

Color in fun scenes like Party, Beach, BBQ, or detailed pattern pages like Ice cream, Lingerie, Bike ride, and more!

You're free to use any coloring medium you're comfortable with: pens, crayons, colored pencils, markers, watercolors etc.

Have Fun!

I retain the rights to all artwork, cannot reproduce or redistribute without permission.

This book was hand drawn by me. I designed the cover art, created the layout and used Lulu printing services to create the physical books.

Check out individual downloadable coloring pages here:§ion_id=19731679

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Mini Update to my Website

I haven't made any updates to my website in a while, (since last December, yikes!) and my work has grown quite a lot this year. I added some more current Marker work, better images of my paper dolls and a few pages from my upcoming coloring book, The Anti-Adulting Coloring Book.

Marker Illustrations: 

I did some marker studies of Masked women, the bunny mask was quickly a favorite. What do you think of it?

I updated the photos of my paper dolls and added more images.

The coloring book is almost here! added a few images from it to my website, enjoy the sneak peek!

Take some time & have a look at my updated site! Comment below and let me know what you like about it!


Milwaukee Unrest

I wasn't born here, but I've lived here in Milwaukee since before my 1st birthday. This is my home. The current climate of anger, unrest and frustration may not be understood by those who live outside of the city or were not raised under the same circumstances as the people they judge for rioting. I'm in my mid-thirties, I go to a full time job every day, for 40-50 hours a week in addition to creating art in my off time, I just go to work and back home. I live a few blocks away from the Sherman Park area where this began. I may not like the violence or the damage being done to the city, Who does? But I am not angry with these young people. I can hear and feel the pain in their voices when they speak. It's time to listen to them. It's not just because of their personal loss of a family member, its deeper than that. Milwaukee has failed our youth. violence has surged here in the past few years, many Milwaukee Public Schools have been closing, jobs are leaving the city. There is a long history of police brutality here. These riots aren't just about a young man being shot by a police officer, it's an explosion of bottled up anguish and loss of hope. I understand. I won't condemn them. Milwaukee is the most segregated city in the country and often lands on those "Worst Cities for Blacks to Live in America" lists. I just hope that, with the eyes of the world turned to our city, we will start to see those in positions of power begin the work needed to bring about change.

This is my HOME.